Huish Episcopi Primary School July 2012 




The hot glue gun is a big responsibility.


Year 5s and 6 creating a recycled sculpture from collected pieces of wood.


"WoW" a truly amazing recycled sculpture is born, Just one more piece. 

"Thank you to the staff and students at Huish Episcopi School
for inviting me to your school and making me so welcome."

Michael West 


Mark College, Somerset


I held a 9 week graphiti work shop with Clio Jones. We delivered a SEPE (Supporting Employability and Personnel Effectiveness through graffiti art) course with the young people of the college. For more information on SEPE visit

 Made with Gifted and Talented Students from Chiltton Trinity School Somerset.



Recycled sculpture made with recycled plastic bags year 3s and 4s from Puriton Primary School Somerset. 20

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