The Kirsty Collection

Ceramic equine horse sculptures for the discerning.

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Sculpted by internationally renowned artist, Michael West.

This collection of unique sculptures was inspired by the passing of my eldest daughter Kirsty, in February 2013, as a tribute to the 'wild horse' nature of her spirit. I decided to sculpt what is a generic horse but demonstrate the wildness of its nature through the posture and pose of the sculptures, Upon considering these horses I like the idea of the free spirit and freedom of a wild horse along with its bedraggled nature and pure power. It's myology and physiology is based on that of a racehorse, but somewhat more generic to suit the pose, the proportions, I hope, convey the idea, a force linked with agility. It is my belief that these sculptures are amongst the very best equine sculptures available for sale , I hope you think so too. 


The fury raging on the swell 
Pulling chariots of fire, 
With speed escaping flames from hell 
She gallops even higher! 
Exhilarated by the ocean spray 
Thunderous laughter as a child, 
Excited by the dawn of day 
Seeks her prairie running wild. 

Performing now on centre stage, 
With perfumed rose corsage, 
In equine ballet so engaged 
Her classical dressage. 
Her diamond studded bridle 
Under Hofburg's chandeliers, 
Her beauty so unrivalled 
Lipizzaner brought to tears. 

But then the ballet's ended 
Her exquisite dance a sham, 
Her worthiness offended 
And her thoughts, the battering ram. 
No garments made of silk and gold. 
Unbefitting as the nags, 
As she shivers in the north-east cold 
Draped in torn, demonic, rags. 

Then the glory of the morning sun 
Enfolds her from the night, 
Her passion and exuberance won 
So again she takes her flight. 

She canters through the Mardi Gras 
The queen of the carousel, 
Then exploding like the brightest star 
The Goddess and the belle! 
Extravagance, her feathered plumes 
Chaotic colours reign, 
And Lambeg drums, the rhythmic booms. 
Inhibitions now abstain. 

The pitch toned clefs are roaring loud 
Pulsating samba beats, 
As she then makes claim her adorning crowd 
Through electrifying streets! 
As fireworks light up the sky 
A meteoric shower, 
A majestic bow as she passes by 
With her mane of Sampson's power. 
And then the streets were empty, 
Save for party debris strewn, 
And the ghostly scene a plenty 
Of deflated, lifeless, balloons. 
The mist descending, creeping slow 
Now she the beast of burden, 
So all alone, nowhere to go 
Her only friend, desertion. 

But her party hasn't ended 
Fleeting winds her Pegasus, 
Singing joys always intended 
She's unknown to Nemesis. 
Enchanted by her presence such 
David's harp reflects her eyes, 
So many hearts again to touch 
As her vibrance steals the skies. 

With gaiety and fortitude 
She prances on in style, 
Her charisma, untold magnitude 
Abundant in her smile. 
Look closely now and share her joy 
So triumphant in her quest, 
As Helen in the land of Troy 
Such beauty so bequest.
 Pietà white her marble face …… 
Serenity over sorrow, 
As she gifts her love and unblemished grace 
………To us all - for each tomorrow. 

Karen Ann Wall 


"And it came to pass, when the evil spirit from God was upon Saul, that David took a harp, and played with his hand: so Saul was refreshed, and was well."Samuel 16:23 23



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