"Self Portrait"


In Willow, Ash and Stinging Nettle this piece is a reflection of my personality and characteristics as an artist. With the use of freely available local materials "I live in a willow growing area of outstanding natural beauty in Somerset, England." Influenced by Vincent Van Gogh's work "Van Gogh's Chair" I chose the bike as society often uses anthropomorphism to reflect themselves within everyday objects for example a car may be male or female and often given a personality and sometimes even a name. Every single part of this bike has been painstakingly made by myself as with all artworks this carries the artists characteristics therefore becoming an extension of oneself.

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 The following two paintings have been painted for the World Art Games in Croatia, for the theme of Love and Peace.


Always in my Heart

Mixed Media on Canvas
60x50 cm
Michael West 2012 



Spirit of the Games

 Mixed media.
Michael West 2012



Tin Pot Maggie hthttps://www.facebook.com/TinPotMaggie?

If you judge a book by its cover

But never read inside,

You never will discover

Secret pages left to hide .........


I opened one just the other day

And alas to my surprise

I found a friend, still new I’d say

Yet a master of disguise


So talented and gifted ….

Seems so modest of his worth

I looked and felt uplifted,

An inspiration was unearthed.

Karen Ann Wall 






I pick up on environmental influences such as current affairs, I use sign, symbol, colour, and form. There may be many layers and meanings to the work in a combination of childhood and adult culture, enabling its own cryptic narrative.




"anthropomorphism" is the attribution of human characteristics or, recognition of human characteristics in, non-human creatures and beings, phenomena, material states and objects or abstract concepts" Wikipedia

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Anthropomorphism 02

Anthropomorphism  05

Anthropomorphism 04 

Anthropomorphism   03 

Athropomorphism 01

Anthropomorphism 06

Anthropomorphism  07

Anthropomorphism   08

Anthropomorphism 09

Anthropomorphism 10

Anthropomorphism 11


This work is building upon previous interests of our human interaction with the planet.  



 Working with found materials that have been discarded I juxtapose them in a state of evolution. Redefining the man-made that created the initial alchemy and working with these. We define ourselves by physical objects that we use or have in our homes and everyday lives.

"You could say the real material I'm working with is people's experience" Carsten Holler

I take objects beyond the mundane, this may be in the form of human, natural, or mechanical, or may even cross between either two or all three, created through  intuition as "intuition alone can create from deep within" This allows for the work to be led by its own process. The end result of this process may be abstract or even naive.  



 Allowing creativity to enact its own outcome in this way taps into the child within; without the boundary's that often hold us back as adults. As young children we draw or paint without the constraints of education and indoctrination allowing for a more honest interpretation of surroundings, likes, and dislikes.

 The image that I create  takes what I know read and experience about the world we live and draw upon this a tongue in cheek response to these events. On the surface  abstract, and surreal, also humorous, and entertaining, beneath the surface blunt and thought provoking, producing work in order to question reality and normality.

 Concerns of my work are mainly social, political and contemporary environmental themes. 

Over the past few years we have experienced changes that only a few years ago would have seemed in the realms of fantasy. The human genome, dolly the sheep, surveillance, 9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan, billions of pounds of dept to private banks, billionaire winners, and repossession losers, environmental catastrophe, and fear.


 An open minded inquiry into the perception of reality. As in plato's simile of the cave I use similar metaphors of shadows, to form an artwork to enable the viewing audience to experience a shift in their awareness and consciousness, through being exposed to this work.

 This is my way of making a difference, and at the same time sharing a positive message about beauty that can be gained from the aesthetic experience of appreciating art, and giving examples of how we can recycle and reuse in creative ways.

 These works exemplify my commitment as an artist to express contemporary social and environmental concerns. I hope to encourage people to think about the deeper meanings of the work, in particular the issues we currently face.



 I believe presently humanity is at a critical point in time, with our planet currently existing in a fragile ecological state, with global warming power and greed hastening unheard of changes, all amplifying the fact that we need all the help we can get as well as a cultural shift in the power of the people and a relinquishing of the opportunistic power and greed from the political elite. 

My main influences derive from Current events, plus Plato's simile of the cave. Max Ernst sculptures Karel Appel and others. 

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