"Mike West enjoys the superb benefits that have accrued from a past and very successful career in the film industry which have equipped him with a maturity of attitude, strong self-management abilities, drive and determination. This coupled with his more recent academic studies, sheer creativity and continuing professional practice make him a strong candidate for any project or position." Chris Dart, November 7, 2010


"Michael is a talented and dedicated artist, whose work I am happy to endorse." Becky Buchanan, Owner, Self employed artist (colleague) November 8, 2010



I have had a deep seated interest in creating art from about the age of 6, later on in life I decided to take this more seriously.

For many years I was predominantly self taught gaining knowledge from Bristol university science library studying human and animal myology and physiology, eventually I was caught and removed for not being a student.  

With this knowledge and many hours drawing and sketching anything and everything I was able to specialize in classical sculpture, honing my skills in films at studios such as Pinewood, and Shepperton and working in the gift industry with copies of my work sold throughout the world.

I was a mature student and gained a BA Honors Degree in Fine Art. I have been fortunate enough to work within the arts at the highest levels in both 2D and 3D with work being sold worldwide. I won the Gary Freemantle Award in Fine Art, calling upon the experience as a professional artist both in my own practice and the artistic industry.

I then was asked to join the board for the World Arts Games in Croatia representing the United Kingdom.My work has also been exhibited at galleries and exhibitions globally. I am also passionate about creativity and Education, more recently I have worked within teaching establishments in order to engage directly with others that wish to follow an artistic career. I believe the ability to think laterally, creativity, should be open to all. This belief drives my passion with others, and in the creation of new works.

Michael West 

B.A. Honors Degree Fine art. University of Plymouth.

Dissertation The meaning within artworks. How Semiotics Unravels the Poppy as a sign System in artworks.



The Gary Freemantle, Outstanding Award in fine art.  


Superact artist.

Board member World Arts Games Uk.

Somerset Emerging Artist Network,

Somerset Contemporary Artists Network (Comitee Member)

Somerset Partnership for Art and Design Education,

Somerset art Works

ArtSlant 5th showcase winner 2012
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 Amsterdam | Berlin | Brussels | London | Paris | China | India  



Galleries and Exhibitions

Sept 2012 Nynhead Court 



Cube Gallery


Marine House Gallery

Beer Dorset


William Pelly Gallery  


Then Ridgeway Gallery

Bakewell Derbyshire

The glove factory


Appledore Devon


The white space

Taunton  Somerset

The Brewhouse Gallery


The cheese factory 


Mark Somerset


The Auction rooms 


Red Bubble.com   

Online gallery

Somerset Artworks  


World Arts Games Cultural museum


 Berlin artclub exhibition 


 Michael West studio galleries

Mark Somerset


Phantom of the opera, Prop shop, Pinewood studios, London

Curse of the wear Rabbit Ardman Animations, Bristol

Furry Freak Brothers, Bolex brother's studios, Bristol

Wimbledon, Shepperton Studios, London

Benjamin's Troubles, Sets in the city, Bristol

The Descent, Armourdillo studios, Newent Gloucestershire



Blind Justice, for the artist known as Banksy.

Jet Set Go @ Bristol children's science touring installation.  

Temporary bandstand for the Westival Taunton.



  Hong Kong Ballet (Spartacus)



 McVities  Bristol


Gift Industry

Heredities     LTD Gloucestershire
 Country Artists   Stratford upon Avon 

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