Begger of Venice

This piece was created from tying 20,000 individual knots. 


la maschera più bella
(‘the most beautiful mask’)

The favourite piece that caught my eyes ……..
The Beggar of Venice he’d said,
Had she often passed the Bridge of Sighs
Whilst looking for a bed? 

And what of local legend for eternal love and
That only on a gondola you must share that
special kiss.

The sunset too must play its part
As San Marco bells toll out …….
And I wondered if the Beggar’s heart …..
Was ever left in doubt

 Or at Palazzo Pisani Moretta,
In her century attire,
Did she coyly read his letter
Making clear of his desire

Did the fanfare of trumpets woo her
To the Venetian noble’s arms,
And when they danced, succumbed right there
To his protagonistic charms

 ………………………. / Vibrant colours wrapped…..

 Vibrant colours wrapped around her
And so heady on his scent,
Where harlequins became a blur
Through their passion one night spent.
In the stillness of their warm embrace
Did her beauty steal his heart,

As he gently kissed her porcelain face
Vowing they would never part.
Had she reached for him a love so high
Whilst the Carnevale waltzed on,
Unlike the Bridge – a different sigh
Through their love becoming one?

Or hadshe struggled as Codega
In the shadows of the night,
With her lantern held before her
So the darkened streets enlight?

 The truth of course we will never face
Of this beggar’s journey made,
Her secrets shroud in Venetian lace
And her dreams …….. her masquerade.

Kay Wall 2013




These "3 figures" are awaiting a permanent home


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